From tasting 18th century refined dishes in Salzburg to surviving magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Spain.

1. “Blindkuh”, Basel, Switzerland

It is a scientific fact, that we perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of our sight. What happens when you don’t actually see what is being served in your plate? You have a chance to test and taste it in complete darkness at “Blindkuh”, Basel, Switzerland

2. “De Kas”, Amsterdam

Are you a nature lover? Prefer the food to be fresh, healthy and organic. What could be better than having a meal in a lofty greenhouse. The exquisite food is based on what is available on the farm, if you are a veggie lover, you will definitely enjoy.

3. “Schwerelos”, Hamburg, Germany

Treat your inner kid in this futuristic restaurant where the meal reliably arrives by a sophisticated roller coaster.

4. Baroque hall of St. Peter monastery, Salzburg

Have you ever dreamed of traveling in time? What if you had a chance to have a dinner in the Medieval monastery, enjoying 18th century dishes. The life performance of best Mozart opera arias is a bonus at the Baroque hall of St. Peter monastery, Salzburg.

5. “The Disaster Cafe”, Girona, Spain.

Forget about relaxed dinner and light lounge music, feel what’s it’s like when the ground is shaking in 7,8 magnitude earthquake. Don’t worry, it’s safe: the plates are heavy and the staff is prepared. “The Disaster Cafe” in Girona, Spain.

6. “Das mobil” Vienna, Austria

An interesting experience for interior decor lovers. Have a cup of viennese coffee in the exhibition of the young furniture designers. Did you like the chair or that lamp? Any piece could be purchased in this cafe-furniture store.

7. Ca’ Vendramin Calergi Palazzo, Venice

What was it like living and entertaining in La Serenissima few hundred years ago? Have a dinner at Ca’ Vendramin Calergi Palazzo, overlooking the Grand Canal, dance through the night at the ball. Be prepared to dress up, an event takes place only during the Carnival week in Venice.

8. “The Little Paris Kitchen”, Paris

Have you already heard of underground restaurants? You can try to reserve a spot at “The Little Paris Kitchen” restaurant, which is actually a tiny flat, where Le Gordon Blue alumna cooks a number of classic French dishes.