Provincial town in Veneto region, Italy with population of only around six thousand inhabitants becomes a popular tourist destination during the summer months.

The town if famous for its castle, which dates back to 9th century, when the inhabitants of the village of the first erected defenses to protect themselves from the invasions of the Hungarians. In 1193 the castle and the town passed under the rule of the free city of Verona. The reconstruction of the fortress was begun by Cansignorio in 1375 and completed by Antonio and Bartolomeo II in 1381 when Lazise became a cornerstone of the western fortified Verona arena.

The town is popular for its promenade, offering a beautiful view on Lake Garda and surrounding Alps.

Fresh Italian ice-cream is sold in Gelaterias on the lively streets of old town.

The region is also famous for the thermal springs which could be reached within 10 minutes drive from the historical center of Lazise. One of them is “Parco Termale del Garda”, where thermal lakes are set in the beautiful botanic garden. Mineral water originates in large amounts from 2 deep subterranean water-bearing strata at a temperature of 37° and 42° C. The resort is open all year round.

A short drive from Lazise will take you to another beautiful place, “Parco Sigurta”, a botanical park dating back to 15th century, originally a farm. The park’s more than 60 hectares can be explored by foot, by bicycle or electric golf car.