We hope to get kids interested in the places they visit.

So we invite them to play a location-based game, an interactive quest.

All clues are connected to the city’s history or architecture. 


Did you know that kids learn more when interacting? They learn  stories about the city, history, and architecture via a scavenger hunt style game. Collect rewards, earn coins and achieve levels. It’s fun!

Available right away

No prior booking required. Start anytime. Any smartphone or tablet with internet connection (WiFi, 3G,4G). No App installation.

At your pace

Pause and resume your quest when you wish. Enjoy a scoop of artisan-made local ice cream. Walk at your pace, no need to rush. 


You will enjoy strolling down the charming streets smelling crispy pizza and full of historic sites. The quests cover the must see sites in the city.

To build the route we have picked the kids-friendly streets with no or little traffic.

Don’t worry; you won’t get lost and won’t miss a thing. Google Maps is embedded.

Value for money

You save up to 85% compared to an average group tour price (if you pay for two) or 110% compared to a private guided tour. And we want to save you even more. Look for our monthly offers and special promotions.

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